The Debate Kits


From this page you can download all of the Debate Kits, and find further resources to use with each kit.

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 The Debate Kits

AI Debate Kit

Forensic Science Debate Kit

Pandemic Prevention Debate Kit

Climate Change Debate Kit

Food Hygiene Debate Kit

Self-driving Cars Debate Kit

Unisex Toilets Debate Kit

Privacy Debate Kit

Mars Mission Debate Kit

Vaccinations Debate Kit

Antibiotic Resistance Debate Kit

Big Data Debate Kit

Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

Food Security Debate Kit

Drugs in Sport Debate Kit

Are We Too Clean Debate Kit

IVF Debate Kit

Stem Cells Debate Kit

Cannabis Debate Kit

Blank Debate Kit Templates

The following files have been designed to enable you create your own debate kits:

A4, four chracters to a page

A4, one character to a page

2 Responses to The Debate Kits

  1. Danielle Kohlman says:

    I love the debate kits- have used them all repeatedly (except the food security and electrical distribution which I have only just stumbled across) and I have made my own KS3 one on animal testing with the templates.

    Please make them all available in large print- much better for group work and collaborative working!

  2. Sarah says:

    These kits have proved to be really useful with year 9, especially the drugs, sport, IVF and stem cell cards. They have engaged really well with the debate, and have learnt a lot from them, as well as consolidating what they already know. I’m looking forward to using the templates to create my own!

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