The next debate kit

So far we have produced 9 debate kits (listed below) and there is an 10th in production for release next March. So what should the 11th and 12th kit be on?

We want to know what subject areas you would find most useful. Please take 2 minutes to fill in the survey below. What other ideas do you have?

Previous Kits:

  • IVF – Should IVF be available on the NHS?
  • Stem Cells – Should the UK government fund embryonic stem cell research?
  • Are we too clean? – Should we ban advertising of antimicrobial cleaners?
  • Cannabis – Should the UK legalise cannabis?
  • Drugs in Sport – Should ALL drugs be banned in sport?
  • Food Security – Should our school only buy food produced in the UK?
  • Electricity Distribution – Should we build pylons in Kinewell Valley?
  • Big Data – Should we sequence the genomes of one million people, to find
    out more about living longer and healthier?
  • Antibiotic Resistance – Should the Health Services tell GPs to give back-up prescriptions instead of immediate antibiotics wherever possible?
  • Vaccinations – Question TBA

You can download our previous debate kits here.


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Antibiotic Resistance Debate Kit

Should the Health Services tell GPs to give back-up prescriptions* instead of immediate antibiotics wherever possible?

debate kit educational resource antibiotic resistance microbiology

This simple debate kit provides all you need to get your students discussing the issues behind the extremely important topic of Antibiotic resistance. Eight character cards explore a world without antibiotics, the economics of drug research, the effect of antibiotics in farming and patient choice amongst others.

The kit follows our tried and tested format, based on character cards and lesson notes. It includes 8 debate cards outlining the opinions of different fictional characters with an interest in antibiotic resistance, and teacher notes to help you carry out the lesson effectively. The activity is design to last for 50 minutes and takes very little preparation.

The debate kits are free to UK and Republic of Ireland (thanks to Science Foundation Ireland) based teachers. Sign up to receive an Antibiotic Resistance Debate Kit!

This debate is being funded by e-Bug, a project operated by Public Health England.

*A back-up (or delayed) prescription is when the doctor advises the patient that they will probably get better within a few days anyway, but gives them a prescription for antibiotics which they can use if they don’t get better soon, or they feel worse, and they think they need it.

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Big Data Debate Kit

funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Science Foundation Ireland.

Funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Science Foundation Ireland.

Our next debate kit is on Big Data and the sequencing of one million human genomes to have longer and healthier lives.

You can find more about our new debate kit and sign up to receive one here.

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Food Security Debate Kit – evaluation

fsdkAfter launching our Food Security Debate Kit, we emailed all the 791 teachers who requested it, we followed up with reminder emails, letters and phone calls. This way we collected feedback from online surveys, mailing campaigns and phone conversations, we analysed it and wrote it all up in a report.

We have estimated that at least 35% of teachers had used the Food Security Debate Kit within five months from receiving it. Each kit was used with more than 3 classes on average, which means that over 800 classes have been discussing about Food Security using our debate kit. We were happy to find out that 60% of the teachers who haven’t yet used the kit said that they use it in the future, when it fits better with the curriculum.

Apart from the kits that were directly requested from teachers, 510 were sent to STEM Contract Holders, Global Food Security distributed 353 through different members of the organisation, and 275 were sent to teachers who took part in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! in November 2013.

The evaluation also revealed that all the teachers think that their students are now more aware that feeding the World is a complex and global issue. More in detail, 85% of the teachers said that their students are now better at identifying local and seasonal foods.

If you want to read the complete report, you can download it here:
Food Security Debate Kit Evaluation (PDF 1,3KB)

Debate kits keep proving themselves as a successful tool to engage students in debates around science topics. We are already sending out our new debate kit on the topic of Electricity Distribution, and a new kit on the topic of Big Data will be realised in June. Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on these! 

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Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

“Should we build pylons in the Kinewell Valley?”

It sounds like the start of the argument best left to Retired Majors, but hidden within a seemingly simple question lies a rich vein of debate about how we produce and consume electricity in 21st century UK.

As with all science, facts and theories are only part of the story. Social issues and politics affect the way science and engineering is done. This Electricity Distribution debate pack examines issues including:

The new debate kit, commissioned by Western Power Distribution

The new debate kit, commissioned by Western Power Distribution

  • Environmental
  • Economics
  • Smart grids
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability

This simple debate resource allows your students to find out what influences they way our country receives its power. The activity is designed to last for 50 minutes and takes minimal preparation. You’ll find resources and links on our electricity distribution page.

Sign up for the Electricity Distribution pack here or if you have already signed up for a previous kit then please check your email for instructions or email us at

This debate kit has been commissioned by Western Power Distribution. It was researched and written independently with complete editorial control exercised by the I’m a Scientist team.

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