Forensic Science Debate Kit

The 2022 CHRISTMAS LECTURES from the Royal Institution are diving into the fascinating yet often-misunderstood world of forensic science. 

Decorative image which says Science Debate Kit: Is DNA evidence reliable enough?

Get your students exploring the ethical and societal implications of this key tool in forensic science and the judicial system: DNA.

How reliable is DNA? Support your KS3 and KS4 students to explore new positions and perspectives through 8 thought-provoking character cards.

The Kit is designed to facilitate a debate lasting around 50 minutes, requires very little preparation, and is free to schools in the UK.

Kits will arrive in schools in the new term (January 2023).

The Forensic Science Debate Kit is produced by the I’m a Scientist team on behalf of the Royal Institution. Funded by the Ri’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES schools outreach supporter, Agilent Technologies, along with fellow CHRISTMAS LECTURES supporters, UKRI and Horiba.

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