Debate Kits – final evaluation

The I’m a Scientist Debate Kits project is now over (for the moment). Here’s a summary of the evaluation findings, or you can download the full report at the bottom. Summary I’m a Scientist Debate Kits is a project to help get more debate and discussion in the UK’s science classrooms. It was a Gallomanor project funded by the Wellcome Trust Over the last 18 months we have produced and distributed four kits, on different biomedical topics. Altogether roughly 4,500 printed copies, on three biomedical topics, have been printed and distributed, plus a further 4,000 copies downloaded. They have proved extremely popular with teachers, apparently meeting a teaching need for high-quality, simple-to-use resources to stimulate debate and discussion in the science classroom. Teachers judged them to be very effective. The kits got students seeing different sides to an argument, expressing their opinions and backing them up with facts, and developing … Continue reading

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Best. Review. Ever. (IAS Debate Kits in School Science Review)

You can now sign up for our next Debate Kit, on Stem Cells! What are you waiting for? Maybe you read all the things that we’ve written about the debate kits and think, ‘Well they would say that, wouldn’t they?’ I know I would. Handily, an independent opinion is to hand! School Science Review, the journal of the Association for Science Education (ASE), has reviewed our debate kits. And boy did they like them! As we all know, the ASE are the bee’s knees when it comes to science education, so you should definitely listen to them. Sign up for these kits now if you have not done so already; they are too good to miss. The IVF ‘kit’ (cards in a wallet) is the first of four to be produced by the ‘I’m a Scientist’ team. The second, Are we too clean?, is now also available. Paper stocks of … Continue reading

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