Strong demand for Drugs in Sport kit

Reading through the draft copy for this latest debate kit made me smile.  It was very good.  Sure, I’m a bit of an Olympics geek and general armchair sportsman, but I felt it provided great angles to debate a very contentious, yet easy to grasp, scientific issue – Drugs in Sport. It seems as though I’m not the only one who likes the sound of it.

This is a quick update on how we are distributing the 2,000 kits that we have printed.

Previous recipients of debate kits

The first 4 debate kits enabled us to build a decent list of teachers who wanted them. Our evaluation showed that the kits were well used, but the last one to get posted out was in June 2010 so we thought it appropriate to ask those teachers to opt in to get the next one.

We emailed the 1,543 people on that list on 10th February 2012 giving them the option of clicking YES or NO in order to receive the next kit. It was just before half term, but we still had a decent response. 29.6% of recipients clicked on the email and 98.6% of the clicks were YES. The first 430 of our list had opted in.

We then emailed the remaining 1,105 members of the list who didn’t respond on 23rd February 2012 giving a little more detail, but maintaining the simple YES / NO response mechanism.  So far 19.8% have clicked. Satisfyingly 99% of those click were YES. Another 210 opt ins. On top of this a fair few teachers emailed their response in.

We plan a third final chance to opt-in. What makes that interesting is that we won’t have enough to send out to everyone. It will be first come, first served.

New sign ups

We’ve let the usual places know about the new kits. Planet Science featured them at the top of their weekly email, TES Forums and Science in School have all featured them. We emailed our usual lists of teachers and information sharers ask them to pass on the details to any teachers. We’ve had just short of 300 teachers sign up since the first emails went out. In fact another 8 signed up whilst I’ve been writing this post.

Republic of Ireland

This kit has been funded by The Physiological Society and their remit includes Ireland.  We’ve sent 250 kits to the Heads of Science at the largest schools in Ireland.

Physical Education

The subject matter was designed to appeal to PE teachers. We’ve identified 250 specialist PE schools and colleges and sent kits to the Head of PE at those schools.

So how many do we have left?

2,000 less

  • 640 opting in from existing lists
  • 280 new subscriptions
  • 250 to Ireland
  • 250 to Heads of PE in UK
  • 200 to The Physiological Society for distribution at conferences and by members

leaving 380.

Sign up fast.


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