Debate Kits – final evaluation

The I’m a Scientist Debate Kits project is now over (for the moment). Here’s a summary of the evaluation findings, or you can download the full report at the bottom.


I’m a Scientist Debate Kits is a project to help get more debate and discussion in the UK’s science classrooms. It was a Gallomanor project funded by the Wellcome Trust

  • Over the last 18 months we have produced and distributed four kits, on different biomedical topics.
  • Altogether roughly 4,500 printed copies, on three biomedical topics, have been printed and distributed, plus a further 4,000 copies downloaded.
  • They have proved extremely popular with teachers, apparently meeting a teaching need for high-quality, simple-to-use resources to stimulate debate and discussion in the science classroom.
  • Teachers judged them to be very effective.
  • The kits got students seeing different sides to an argument, expressing their opinions and backing them up with facts, and developing their confidence and discussing science issues.
  • They also increased teachers’ confidence and skills at running debates and saved teachers time in lesson preparation.
  • Teachers told us they also supplied far more in-depth coverage of each topic than they would have had time to provide.

Key findings

Total kits distributed (print and electronic): 8,521.
98% of teachers would recommend the kits to a colleague.

The kits

  • Were effective at prompting in-depth discussion.
  • Engaged young people.
  • Were easy to use and saved teachers’ time.

Download the full evaluation report (pdf)

Download the report’s appendices (pdf)

Download kits.

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