Electricity Distribution Debate Kit – Evaluation Report

the power and limitations of science and considering ethical issues which may arise

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It’s been a year since we launched our Electricity Distribution Debate Kit. We emailed all the 810 teachers who requested it, and followed them up with reminder emails and letters to collect feedback. We then analysed it and this is what we’ve found out:

  • Hard copies of the kit were sent to 810 teachers who requested them,  687 were sent to STEM Contract Holders, and the rest were distributed among different teacher networks. The kit was also downloaded by 242 different users.
  • We estimate that the kit was used by 29% of the teachers who requested it.
  • Every teacher who filled in the feedback survey found the kit to be an “excellent” or “pretty good” educational resource.
  • 97% of teachers feel their students know more about Electricity Distribution after using the kit.
  • We measured how the students reflected on the issues surrounding electricity distribution and actually changed their minds throughout the debate.

You can read the full evaluation report here (PDF).

Debate kits keep proving themselves as a successful tool to engage students in debates around science topics. We are already sending out our new debate kit on the topic of Vaccinations. Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on these resources!

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