Vaccinations Debate Kit

Should children be required to have all their vaccinations before they can go to school?

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the power and limitations of science and considering ethical issues which may ariseThis debate kit provides all you need to get your students discussing the issues behind the important topic of vaccinations.

The kit follows our tried and tested format, based on character cards and lesson notes. It includes 8 debate cards outlining the opinions of different fictional characters with an interest in vaccinations, and teacher notes to help you carry out the lesson effectively. The activity is design to last for 50 minutes and takes very little preparation. The debate helps students think through the issues and reconsider their opinions, while the structure shows them hoe to build a discussion and back up their opinions with facts.

There are already plenty of resources looking at whether vaccinations are safe and a good idea — with the science coming down heavily on the side of vaccinations being safe. This debate is about what the best public health policy is, to protect the public, balancing individual freedoms against public health. This leads to a more finely balanced, interesting debate.

The debate kits are free to schools in the UK and Republic of Ireland — Sign up here to receive your copy.

This debate is being funded by e-Bug, a project operated by Public Health England. The kits are distributed in Ireland thanks to funding from Science Foundation Ireland.

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  1. sinead says:

    Delighted to see Science Foundation Ireland Supporting a great Debate and a great resource.

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