The next debate kit

So far we have produced 9 debate kits (listed below) and there is an 10th in production for release next March. So what should the 11th and 12th kit be on?

We want to know what subject areas you would find most useful. Please take 2 minutes to fill in the survey below. What other ideas do you have?

This survey is now closed. Thank you.

Previous Kits:

  • IVF – Should IVF be available on the NHS?
  • Stem Cells – Should the UK government fund embryonic stem cell research?
  • Are we too clean? – Should we ban advertising of antimicrobial cleaners?
  • Cannabis – Should the UK legalise cannabis?
  • Drugs in Sport – Should ALL drugs be banned in sport?
  • Food Security – Should our school only buy food produced in the UK?
  • Electricity Distribution – Should we build pylons in Kinewell Valley?
  • Big Data – Should we sequence the genomes of one million people, to find
    out more about living longer and healthier?
  • Antibiotic Resistance – Should the Health Services tell GPs to give back-up prescriptions instead of immediate antibiotics wherever possible?
  • Vaccinations – Question TBA

You can download our previous debate kits here.


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