Antibiotic Resistance Debate Kit

Should the Health Services tell GPs to give back-up prescriptions* instead of immediate antibiotics wherever possible?

the power and limitations of science and considering ethical issues which may arise

This simple debate kit provides all you need to get your students discussing the issues behind the extremely important topic of Antibiotic resistance. Eight character cards explore a world without antibiotics, the economics of drug research, the effect of antibiotics in farming and patient choice amongst others.

The kit follows our tried and tested format, based on character cards and lesson notes. It includes 8 debate cards outlining the opinions of different fictional characters with an interest in antibiotic resistance, and teacher notes to help you carry out the lesson effectively. The activity is design to last for 50 minutes and takes very little preparation.

The debate kits are free to UK and Republic of Ireland (thanks to Science Foundation Ireland) based teachers. Sign up to receive an Antibiotic Resistance Debate Kit!

This debate is being funded by e-Bug, a project operated by Public Health England.

*A back-up (or delayed) prescription is when the doctor advises the patient that they will probably get better within a few days anyway, but gives them a prescription for antibiotics which they can use if they don’t get better soon, or they feel worse, and they think they need it.

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