Food Security debate kit feedback

We’ve just received a lovely email from a STEM Contract Holder up in Scotland. They took some Food Security debate kits along as part of their outreach work with local schools, and the science enrichment kits got some great feedback. Kevin McKeever, STEM Project Manager at Global Science, said:

We were out as part of our contractual requirements (we have to visit the 92 High Schools in East of Scotland) to North Berwick High School yesterday, and the teacher was absolutely made up with the pack that we took out – this was something practical she was actively looking for and was intending to write material herself, so we won a watch, and not to mention you guys too.

She liked the packs so much so, that she asked if I could get her additional copies, and that way she could cover all the classes in the year group.”

Kevin has asked us for 30 more kits as “the feedback from each school has been really really positive”, he added that Global Science “will be actively promoting this fantastic resource”.

If you’re a STEM Contract Holder like Kevin and would like some kits, email, or if you’re a teacher yourself then sign up for a kit by completing the form on the right.

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