Food Security Debate Kit

Our latest free debate kit is ready. It’s on Food Security, asking: 

Should our school only buy food produced in the UK?”

What’s it all about?

New debate kit, commissioned by the Global Food Security programme

New debate kit, commissioned by the Global Food Security programme

Global food security is a huge issue. An increasing population, decreasing land area, and the effects of climate change mean improving food security sustainably is a real challenge. And it’s not just about providing everyone in the world with enough calories, but making sure that people are receiving the correct nutrients for a healthy and balanced diet.

The aim of this debate kit is to show students just how complex the issue of global food security is, and to encourage them to begin to consider and investigate some of the main issues surrounding the ethics of food production.

What’s in the kit?

Our kits follow a tried and tested format, based on character cards and lesson notes. Included in the kit are 8 debate cards outlining the opinions of a number of different fictional characters with an interest in food security, and teachers notes to help you to carry out the lesson effectively.

The question: Should our school only buy food produced in the UK?

Arguing for only UK-produced food:

  • Leanne Roberts – a farmer who cares about British farmers and the UK being self sufficient in food

  • Toby Swan – an allotment owner who believes that growing our own food makes us value it more and waste less

  • Food Security Debate Kit PDFJim Kernow – a fundraiser who wants us to stop taking away scarce resources from those in poorer countries

  • Corrine Radford – a green campaigner who thinks we should reduce carbon emissions by not transporting food long distances

Arguing against only UK-produced food:

  • Helen Harvey – a fair trade fruit importer who believes food should be grown in countries with the right climate and shipped rather than flown over

  • Anya Katzmareck – a vegetarian restauranteur who thinks it’s what we eat that matters, not where it’s from

  • Tony Percy – a chocolate fan who wants an interesting and varied diet

  • Murad Kamal – an ecologist who cares about the damage farming can do to the environment

What’s so good about the kits?

The kits are all about developing students’ debating and discussion skills around contentious issues, with social, ethical and environmental aspects all covered. Role play gives students a chance to explore the different sides of the issue and compare others’ points of view. For teachers, the kits provide an effective and structured resource which can be used again and again with little effort or preparation.

We’ve had some great feedback about previous kits. Our last debate kit, Drugs in Sport, was particularly popular:

The Debate Kits for Drugs in Sport and IVF are great. We know that debating skills are important for our students and our BTEC students can even pass some of their assessment criteria by engaging in debates. We’ll integrate these in our Yr 9 and 10 SoW.” – Ellie Russell, teacher, Trinity CE High School

“The kit was really good! – I used it with a Year 9 biology class, had them in groups with a chair person leading the disscusion and making a verdict on whether or not to ban drugs in sport. The cards really helped to liven up the debate with facts figures and personal anicdotes. The chair for each group had to compromise on the decision as there are valid reasons both for and against a complete ban. I then set a literacy based homework where they justified their own opinion on the use of drugs in sport.” – Jo Chinner, teacher

Who pays for them?

This debate kit was commissioned and funded by the Global Food Security programme, supported by the University of Nottingham. The Global Food Security programme brings together the UK’s main public funders of food-related research to meet the challenge of providing the world’s growing population with a sustainable, secure supply of nutritious food from less land and using fewer inputs.

How can I get some?

Sign up to request a kit by filling in your details at the top right of this page, and we’ll get it sent out to you as soon as they’re ready to go!

Download the Food Security Debate Kit here [.PDF]

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