Unisex Toilets Debate Kit

Our latest science Debate Kit, funded by the Royal Institution and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, asks the question: Should schools make all their toilets unisex? 

Covering relevant topics such as biological sex, gender and societal expectations, this Debate Kit helps students explore what gender means to them and others. The Kit includes eight characters with different viewpoints to encourage a balanced discussion around the question, which many schools already find themselves asking.

The kit provides all you need to run a debate around unisex toilets and to help them understand the differences between one’s biological sex and gender identity. The structure shows students how to build a discussion and back up their opinions with facts.

This Debate Kit follows our tried and tested format, based on character cards and lesson notes; the activity takes very little preparation and is designed to last around 50 minutes. A lesson PowerPoint and additional resources are available.

The debate helps students think through issues and reconsider their opinions, developing working scientifically skills and SMSC within science lessons.

The Debate Kits are free to schools in the UK.

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